Tourney This Saturday - Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:03 pm

So i finally got around to created an Admin controlled tournament system that will not require me to be active.
Cougar has admin over this section and can modify anything bout it.

2 Things today - Thu May 07, 2015 5:56 am

So in my extremely bored free time, I have been working on new functionality of
This really couldnt have come at a better time, as I am officially leaving the jk community (because ive had enough of ole anti-jk ReT's stupid noob bullshit (cant tell the difference between a JKScanner connection and a continuously ongoing JK.exe connection) and dumb ass programming questions that literally make my fuckin head explode when you cant understand LEGIT english based scripting languages (vb6, AHK). Heres a hint you stupid fuck: read the goddamn documentation. <--- take this knowledge on with you to every learning experience throughout the rest of your life. Sry your father didnt teach you this).

Full control will be given over to JKLE_Cougar.
As always, the site will fully run itself without any admins being around for a few years. Im going to create a few custom layouts for you noobs and comment the holy fuck out of it so you can "skin" and style the site as you wish (the first skin i make will be a old layout since everyone seemed to like it).
I will be adding Developer area, we all know that wont last forever cause its admins are gone, and the site is very broken, and we havent seen an update in a very long time to show any care about fixing these things.
Check out the links, as I have added several features that will keep the jk community in contact with each other.
I havent decided what will be the background yet. Ive been getting a few opinions on it, and i think it will be a jquery based JK multiplayer game that everyone who uses can play together on 1 screen.
JK hasnt been priority in my life for quite some time now, these things may take a few yrs to finish.

PHP Side of JKPoll Client - Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:03 am

I finally got around to fixing this. Also, i have added a map matching service so you dont have to look at the .jkl name in the game stats. Which can be found here:
Now, im well aware that with great power comes great responsibility. These values are plugged directly into the Perl side of JKPoll Client and into the SQL side. Dont fuck it up for everyone.
PLEASE do NOT link to off site maps. Maps should ONLY be linked if they are part of the content section, NOT JKArchive. Thx

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