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Cogs for Sacred{{{G}}}A collection of cogs created for Sacred{{{G}}} These will probably be of best use in a map, and not as haxAcidRain102-05-2016 02:46:51
Hidden FrontierLarger Scale Mots MP map. Plenty of spaces to explore and fight in.DarthTrank102-04-2016 00:24:34
Q3DM17 - The Longest YardThis is the Quake III level DM17 made for JK._lBojangleSl_202-03-2016 23:46:03
Domination Cogs and filesThese are the final domination cogs that acid had worked on and fixed various issues. The scoring has been fixed now to..._lBojangleSl_402-03-2016 18:38:28
The Duel CTF - Domination ModeThis is a level made by SavageX originally, to include his newly made Domination Mode. It was never released in a fixed..._lBojangleSl_102-03-2016 18:30:52
Tranks ArenaThe popular 2015 Jedi Knight multiplayer map makes it way on Its got fast paced Conc rifle action. Nothing to...DarthTrank302-02-2016 07:43:05
Acids CogsJust a collection of the cogs ive created over the past few yearsAcidRain4102-02-2016 04:15:48
UT-CondemnedThis project is to add Unreal Tournament style domination gameplay to jk. I found some cogs that Savagex had made and t..._lBojangleSl_1002-02-2016 04:13:19
Club O.C.This was a map I started in 99 and it's still not finished because jk can't handle the truth.Gnarlydewd002-02-2016 01:45:25
Projects - Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:30 pm
I believe im done with this for now. If there are any bugs, please report them.
How to use this should be pretty ez. A note should be taken that project creators have full access over all project files. Any devs added to the project will have only write/delete access to the files they have uploaded.
Ill get around to making it so you can add devs after the project has been created. May take another year until i get the urge to do so. Who knows.

i did away with the activity log. The most recently 10 updated projects will be shown on home page for now. All projects can be found on left side under Projects. Remember you have to be logged in to get anything relative done. near completion - Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:48 pm

I have finally got around to finishing the My Favorites and My Screenshots section on the site. Not much left at all to do. But as if the search function was not already fast enough to find content, My Favorites will make it easy for you to quickly link people. You can link them to your favorites page as well. There is a slight chance that in the future the My Favorites page will turn into a jk profile as seen on the old website.

Tourney This Saturday - Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:03 pm

So i finally got around to created an Admin controlled tournament system that will not require me to be active.
Cougar has admin over this section and can modify anything bout it.

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