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Content NameSizeAuthorCommentsRating
Camo Commando 62KB Darth Niko
Camouflage Suit 107KB Tom Solo
Car or Truck 332KB YOB_Goo
Catachan Jungle Fighter 88KB Vindicare
Cate Archer 222KB Ben Allen
Ceaser's Patch v1 98KB Ceaser_2002
CFC Skinpack 1 1MB andrewmarsh13
Chaos Weapon Pack 516KB Hebedee
Chewie 226KB Joshua
Chewie v.2 226KB Joshua
Christof MD 45KB Lictor
CIA Agent 0KB Lazerus250
CIA Agent 43KB Lazerus250
CIA Mod 1.0 989KB Willow
CIA Mod 2.0 1.1MB Willow
Clan of the Wolverine New Head Mod 64KB CotW_Lobezno
Clan of the Wolverine Skinpack 939KB CotW_Lobezno
Clint Eastwood Weapons Pack 690KB LOTJ_Shockwave
Complete Battle Droid 30KB Vindicare
Complete Maul 58KB Vindicare
CoolBoarding v1.00 903KB X-Boarder
Corporal Hicks 55KB Vindicare
Crazy Monkey Mod 3.9MB Ztok32
Crossbow Mod 4KB Beowulf the Bard
Croutching Tiger, Hidden Jedi 1.7MB Zippy1000
CyberKnights 29KB KnightSpider
Cyborg 17KB KnightSpider