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Content NameSizeAuthorCommentsRating
Ice Arena 693KB Ortheza
Illusions of Victory 406KB SM Sith Lord
Imperial Animal Testing Labs 71KB The_Chimera_FJ
Imperial Arena 109KB Havoc_and_Newsboy
Imperial Armory 186KB GA Farrant
Imperial Asteriod Base 23KB u2canBcool
Imperial Base 2187 105KB Jim7/DrkJedi82
Imperial Bunker 90KB Kharm
Imperial Cargo Checkpoint 23KB Zapsta550
Imperial Cargo Depot 599KB imajedi
Imperial Cargo Facility 31KB Roger Willey
Imperial City: Seat Of The Dark Empire 220KB Deathstar4
Imperial Class Star Destroyer 368KB Cave_Demon
Imperial Computer Complex 234KB Punk_Skater
Imperial military base 449KB Dark_Flexor
Imperial Mine Arena 28KB jotdaniel
Imperial Navy Base 297KB Lord_Kueller
Imperial Outpost 635KB Jedimaster
Imperial Outpost II 372KB TJC_Tenchi7
Imperial Power Plant 666KB Anime_Shinji
Imperial Reactor Core 158KB x_SubHuman_x
Imperial Sewage Plant 60KB jeremiah23
Imperial Shopping Mall 152KB Scipio
Imperial Skyscraper 1.6MB GH_HA1_Dengar and WD_Death
Imperial Spaceport 13KB Dan Slocum
Imperial StarBase 1.2MB Nicholas Loudon
Imperial Thicket 272KB David Lee and Tom Smitty
Imperial Training Facility 152KB Dark Editor
Imperial Volcano 189KB Andrew Ingram
Imperial Weapons Test 175KB CGC_sHaDoW - cgc_drakolich - CaZiC_Thule
Impulse Station 331KB LOP_Jimanatore
Inco! version 0.1 49KB The Happy Jedi
Industrial Deathmatch 138KB Takimoto
IndustriArena 3.8MB Kyle90
Indy Temple 212KB Talon Karrde
Infernal DM 899KB HothRebel
Invasion! Canyon 303KB Cave_Demon
Inverted Oasis 231KB Luke Skywalker
IRG Palace 1.5MB IRG GhostBear_74
IRN's Official Kickass Level Pack 575KB IRN_RazorHK (Razorheadkiller) and Madman
Iron Oxide 292KB UMD_BoneFire(bearm000)
Island Ruins 505KB MaDaVentor
Islands of Death 292KB Flexor