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This is not really a level, but rather a collection of levels that I never really got around to finishing. They're not the best levels in the world, but I thought that someone might be able to finish/improve them. Feel free to change them, add to them, release them, etc as long as you keep to the conditions stated below.<br><br>
<b>The levels included are:</b><br>
Delta Station 2<br>
Delta Station, Operation X<br>
Jedi Springer<br>
Metal Duel<br>
The 10th Kingdom<br>
The Dream<br>
Winter Oasis 2<br>
The levels have a short description of each of them in a txt file in the appropriate directory, aptly named [jedname]_info.txt.
If you do take one of these levels under your wing and decide to improve and release it, you have my permission but you <b>MUST</b> keep to these 2 conditions:<br>
1. You must include my name (Patrick Grant, or EL3CTRO) in the readme of your level, and you add my e-mail address and website in the readme also. (electro@britstorm.co.uk & http://www.britstorm.co.uk).<br>
2. Do not contact me directly through e-mail asking for help about these levels. Don't pestering me in any way no MSN/AIM/ICQ messages etc.
<br><br>If you really must contact me, you can find me in the massassi chat if I EVER get unbanned or alternatively, you can post a message at my forums http://forums.britstorm.co.uk.
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