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The outer rim world of Andossk has been under Imperial control since soon after the Battle of Yavin. When the Imperials discovered the extraordinary engineering capabilities of the native Dremmork race, they seized control and have kept them working as slaves on their
home planet for the development of new weaponry and technology.

Despite the rigorous brainwashing involved in the training of Imperial troops, a small band of Imperials have begun to see the injustice that they are perpetrating. Guided by a common fledgeling ability with the Force they have been covertly liasing with the Dremmork and planning to free Andossk from the Empire's clutches.

Discarding their uniforms and unleashing their newly constructed lightsabers, the group set their plans in motion ...

This level was mostly created in 2000/2001 - the finishing touches have now (finally!) been added. An additional 2 levels that were originally planned have been abandoned by the author.

Best enjoyed with buddies in coop play!
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