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Al MacDonald
All 162 of Al MacDonald's Star Wars skins compiled into one pack by Kurgan (of <a href="http://www.obi-wankenobi.net/" target="_top">Obi-WanKenobi.net</a>).
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Al MacDonald has been long admired in the JK Community for his marvelous Star Wars skins. Bar none, his seem to be the most detailed and/or overall cool looking, as many of us agree.<br><br>
At one time in an online interview, he said that he didn't see himself creating a huge pack of all his skins, as it would be too unwieldy.<br><br>
I figured that it was worth a try, and it goes together quite well. I added some sounds I found on the 'net and it was finished. I figure those who wish to use them for Multiplayer can. Al says he originally intended his skins for editing projects. This is one such editing project. ; )<br><br>
The skins themselves should appear in the game, alphabetically, starting right after you scroll through the list of regular JK skins. There are 162 total, all related to the Star Wars universe.
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