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My Ninja Kage skin with my voice acting replaces Kyle Katarn:
<li>Many of the normal characters are now zombies -- SP and MP
<li>Five new ninja besides Kage (kah-gay; shadow) for MP games: Hayashi (ha-yah-she; forest/nature), Gouka (goh-ka; hell fire), Denkou (den-koh; lightning), Hyougen (he-yoh-gen; ice/snow field), and Shiro (she-row; white)
<li>Authentic Ninja To (nin-ja toe; ninja sword) with custom moves and bloody slashes
<li>The sword is much more realistic -- all moves do greater damage and can be swung faster
<li>When armed with the sword, you go into "stealth mode" which makes all of your footsteps silent
<li>An unused stab animation for the sword has been added and adjusted
<li>Once you swing the sword for the first time, it is able to inflict damage to anything and anyone with a mere touch -- a feature that SHOULD have been in JK in the first place!
<li>Authentic Kunai (koo-n'eye; ninja throwing knives) replace the Thermal Detonators, and are able to chop off limbs and heads in SP games
<li>You can decapitate Stormtroopers sometimes in SP games with the sword or kunai
<li>Instead of smoke trails appearing when you chop off an arm or head, blood flies about
<li>Authentic Shuriken (shoo-ree-ken; ninja throwing stars) replace the Bryar Pistol
<li>Sharp, spiked caltrops for injuring pursuers replace the Stormtrooper Rifle
<li>Kick while holding any weapon. It isn't just one single hit like a punch -- it's six hit points in an arc!
<li>Escape danger by doing an evasive back handspring
<li>Use the Grappling Hook to reach far-off places
<li>Force Blind is replaced with Force Push (pushes everyone in sight)
<li>Force Seeing and Persuasion have less annoying/stealthier noises
<li>Force Lightning is now ninja lightning magic that rains from the sky, surrounding you, as well as lancing forward from your hands
<li>Force Destruction is now Crimson Rain, falling from directly above you and scattering anyone and anything all around you
<li>Start the game equipped with shuriken, caltrops, kunai, ninja to, IR goggles, field light, grappling hook, and full shields
<li>You can stick to and jump up walls as long as they're not vertical or leaning in your direction
<li>Many character animations are improved or totally redone
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