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This patch modifies almost everything in the game and makes it feel and play like a whole new game. This mod lets you play the original 21 missions with all new enemies and weapons. The enemies are all transformed into terrorists complete with bullet-firing, full automatic weapons complete with realistic sounds new .KEYs and better AI. Your arsenal consists of: Double Hk USPs (replace fists; only for SP) Hk USP SD, Hk MP5A3, frag grenades, Colt M4 Carbine, Hk MP5 SD3, Hk MSG90 Sniper Rifle w/working scope, C4 plastic explosives, and the Hk 21E heavy machine gun (all complete with their own photorealistic textures).<br>
The zip file contains two GOB files: one for the LEC single player levels and one for non-LEC single player levels and all Multiplayer levels. It also includes new counter-terrorism themed BMs and Cogs that make weapon powerups give you more ammo so you can unload on your enemies without having to worry about the limited ammo. This will give you a way to enjoy the original game once again but this time with a faster, more exciting feel. Leave a comment so I will know what you want to see in my next mod.
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