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Well here it finally is! I took the old AtStv7.0 and did a little remodeling. For starters I'll go over some bug fixes:
<l> -Thanks to SaberMaster, I found a way to fix the external view to a good postion behind the player.
<l> -AtSt now has the size and movesize of a regular AtSt, so now it can only be affectively used in an open area.
<l> -When in the AtSt, you no longer have to crouch to pick up items.
<l> -AtSt can now only be selected under weapons #3 and #5.
<l> -Distortion when switching between models has been significantly cut down. Unfortunatley, it can't be totally eliminated because it's changing between two pup files.
<l> -Only the crossbow shoots wide now because you're using the AtSt's secondary cannons.
<l> -Took away machine gun look on repeater.
<l> -Don't try and use the AtSt in a confined space.
<l> -Matrix Teleport now replaces force seeing and has a mana cost.
<l> -Boba Fett isn't magsealed or immune to physical damage, only the AtSt is magsealed.

New features:
<l> -You play as Boba Fett under all weapons except #3 and #5.
<l> -Matrix Teleport (Good for surprising people)
<l> -New external view
<l> -Force Teleport (For free)
<l> -Grappling Hook (Can only be used with Boba Fett)
<l> -Jetpack (Can only be used with Boba Fett)
Needless to say, you shouldn't have any trouble getting around!

New Weapons:
<l> -Play the game, they're pretty self explanatory.
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