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Well guys, I'm here to bother you with RandSaber again.<br><br>

For you guys who haven't been here since the last one, I'll start from the very beginning.<br><br>
<b>The Lightsaber</b>:<br>
1. Light motion trails/new graphics - every last saber mod these days has these two things, so why shouldn't I?<br>
2. Swing - Fire 1 swings your saber. You randomly do one of 55 swings. <br>
Each swing does LEC heavy fire damage. During a swing you will automatically deflect all deflectable bullets coming at you from any angle.<br>
This only works with deflectable bullets. Concs and detenators (thermal/rail) can't be blocked.<br>
Lightsabers, however, can only be blocked from the front, like regular JK.<br>
While swinging, you are slowed down dramatically.<br>
3. Color change - Fire 2 changes your saber color. That's all I should have to say about it.<br>
<b>Observer Mode/Fists</b><br>
While testing, a certain st00p n00b kept killing me with fists out.<br>
I invented observer mode.<br>
1. Fists = peace.<br>
You hold your inactive saber, or you put away your gun. You have god mode and you run faster, but you can't fire or use force powers.<br>
2. Boxing toggle.<br>
In the last release, a lot of people said they missed fists.<br>
Well, press fire 2 to toggle between observer mode and fists. You now punch hella fast.<br>
<b><i>I AM AWARE that a bunch of you will try to get cheap with this. If you do, I'll set it up to fade you when you abuse it.</b></i><br><br>
This is a JK Aimbot. You're always facing directly at your opponent. It's really cool during duels, but it lags a lot sometimes.<br>
It uses fieldlight.<br><br>
1. Ground manuevers<br>
Press Bacta on the ground. While running forward, you will do what is referred to as "a really freakin' high jump."<br>
Press backwards and you do a back handspring.<br><br>
2. Aerial Acrobatics<br>
Press Bacta in midair and, depending on direction, you'll do a front, back, left, or right flip.<br>
If you hit the wall feet-first while flipping, you'll do a wallrun.<br><br>
<b>New Force Powers</b><br>
I decided that most of the force powers were really unecessary, so I decided to trim them down to only those I've seen in the movies.<br>
I actually saw one more, but they weren't of real consequence, so I didn't bother.<br>
Most of these powers don't use much mana at all.<br><br>
<u>Neutral Powers</u><br>
Telekinesis/Force Pull<br> This power, by default, merely by selecting, will target an object with a white target reticle. If you activate the power, it will lock on to that particular item. It will hold you in place, and as you press backward, it will pull the object to you. Forward will push it. Left and right make it go left and right. Crouch makes it rise, and letting it go makes it go down. Targetting is pretty darned accurate.<br>
Force Speed<br> This power is cool - when you hold down the button, you have constant acceleration. It's kinda hard to explain, but it means that there's no drag while you hold down the button. You will maintain a constant pace if you keep this force on but let go of 'forward,' and will accelerate if you press forward again. You can go infinitely fast with this, but I suggest you exercise caution, because if you hit a wall too hard with this, you are DEFINITELY dying.<br><br>
<u>Light Powers</u><br>
Force Persuasion<br> No more assuming you're weak of mind. Force Persuasion tries to 'persuade' you to stay in place. You can counter this easily, provided you're of the strong of mind. There is a way, it's simple, just figure it out.<br>
Force Absorb<br> I did NOT make this cog. It's ShadowX's cog. It's just the regular force absorb, but toggleable on/off. I'm sorry for using someone else's cog, but I'm not very good with activated/deactivated messages, and when the finished product is staring you in the face, it's hard to resist.<br><br>
<u>Dark Powers</u><br>
Force Lightning<br> Now you get some bang for your buck with this power. It shoots twice as fast, with four bolts of lightning.<br>
Force Grip<br> This is just regular grip.<br><br>
You jump higher. You get hangtime. You fall slower. You can wallrun up to the ship in bgj, jump off, and land without a scratch.<br><br>

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