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This is the very last chapter in the <i>Jedi's Discovery</i> series, and it contains five levels. The Jedi consider their next move concerning the cloning facility that orbiting Tatooine. When they learn of the existence of a planetary gun on Tatooine, used to destroy incoming asteroids, the Jedi decide to use it to help them destroy the facility. They send down Obi-Wan (you) to Tatooine to perform this mission. Little does Obi-Wan know of the horrors that lie ahead...<br>
<b>Note:</b> The game comes with a patch. It's very important you use it. I would recomend you use the regular save rather than quick save; when doing so, make sure your lightsaber is not out. For some reason, I'm not sure, the levels didn't want to connect into one episode. So when you complete a level, go back to New Game menu, then choose the next level in the list of games.
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