The Menace Hunt - 4612KB
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Sir Gerry, Lou Graziani
This level was accomplished after 9 months of hard workand is the product of a collaboration between Lou and Gerry. Made using the best resources available on the net (Zymotico's droids, Al McDonalds skins, etc.) we hope it will be a nice experience for SP level players.
<i>"It's been a few short months after Master Qui Gon
became one with the Force, and even though I don't
doubt his judgement, sometimes I feel that I cannot
teach Anakin as well as he would've. My young
padawan and I have been around the galaxy, trying to bring peace to troubled worlds. These are confusing times, and Anakin and I have just visited Tatooine, where he said hi to his mother and promised to come back to free her. Now we're on our way back to Coruscant, and I have a bad feeling about this..."<br>
>From Obi Wan Kenobi's Journal, databit 32-A...</i>

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