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Keith Marshall
Kyle shuts down the power core and all turbo lasers, missle turrets, and security cameras. Lando thanks him and tells Kyle that he should get some rest and let him take over. Kyle agrees, but makes Lando take his lightsaber just in case. Even though he can't use the force he takes it anyway. This mission has colored lighting which means you need a graphics card, if you don't the lighting will just be black. In this mission, if you haven't guessed, you get to be Lando. Dash Rendar and Luke Skywalker make an appearance to. Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Admiral Ackbar were origanally in this to, but it wouldn't load because they took to much room. Hope you have fun with this. It took me a while. Hint: When you fight the royal guards use your concussion rifle or they will flatten you!
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