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Mike "LikWid" Watson
<i>Burn the Witch</i> is what you might call a "man against the world" type of mod, a bit of a reverse KFY. The game starts out like any other, except that all the players look like Puritans and they can&#39;t use the lightsaber or non-neutral Force powers. When a player gets killed, things start getting interesting. That player becomes the Witch, who can only use the "Broom" weapon, which is a lot like the lightsaber except that the secondary fire is not a double swing, but rather allows you to fly instead. The Witch can use all Force powers. <br><br> Being the Witch is a BAD THING. <br><br> You lose a large number of points for becoming the Witch. You also lose 1 point for getting killed, and 2 points for a suicide when you are the Witch. To stop from being the Witch, kill one of the Hunters. He becomes the Witch, you become a Hunter. And the cycle continues. <br><br> <i>Burn the Witch</i> is currently set up to be played on all the basic JK multiplayer levels. Included in the zip are the files necessary to make your own <i>Burn the Witch</i> levels. <br><br> P.S. Neither LikWid nor Ultipla Productions condones the burning of witches. No real witches were harmed in the creation of this mod.
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