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Once, a city had a tower built to store water. It was a majestic site. The designer, Mahki Sheebe, was particulary proud of the ventilation system that
supported the tower. Unfortunately, after construction, a major design flaw was discovered: as the tank filled up with water, so would the control room. It was decided the tower was to be knocked down, and Mahki was surely ruined. At the last minute, however, a young buisness man bought the tower to be used for tournaments and fights. Now, the tower is waiting, waiting for one brave enough to enter.<br>
This level is a small/medium level for 2 to 4 players. It is recommended to be played on higher-end machines. Only a Jedi with the neutral force powers has any hope of leaving the level with a score above 0! It is hard to camp as each area is joined to the level in many ways. I hope you enjoy playing this level as much as I enjoyed making it!
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