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Arashi Kage & Darth Slither
The Temple of Chaos could be considered a large level. The design is meant to encourage a more traditional first person shooter gameplay style in which you are not constantly in contact with your opponents. The temple floor consists of a main room intersected by 3 hallways and one throne room. The hallways provide access to various rooms and gravity tubes which lead to the second and third floors. The second floor is relatively small and consists of a couple hallways, three rooms, and two air ducts. Entering and exiting the second floor is one way. There are two ways up and two ways down. The rooftop of the temple provides an open area for FF sabers or a gun fight with some supply crates for cover. In each corner of the rooftop you will find a blaster cannon; however, all ammo has been removed and placed in a secret area. Now only those who find the ammo and dare to use it have the power of the cannon. You will find the surge, revive, and cannon ammo within secret areas. A two player game may seem long, but three or more players provides many encounters with your opponents.
The story line of this level is that it is the ancient temple of the BoC, and the upper levels are undergoing a refit process into a more modern state. It is highly recommended that you enable 3d acceleration for this level.

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