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- Lightsabers are partially transparent with a flickering effect and light motion blur. Looks much more like the movies!
- Ten lightsaber colors to choose from in-game
- Lightsaber moves are quicker, damage is much more balanced, and length of damage possibility during attacks is maximized
- Blocking now features light motion trails and saber movement sounds
- You can block other lightsabers more often while attacking with your lightsaber
- Switch your lightsaber off quickly with the Lightsaber Switch, and then hold the lightsaber in your hand until you press the activation switch again, attack, throw the saber, or change weapons
- Lightsaber ignites more quickly
- Cool new lightsaber holding stance
- Stab by pushing Forward or Backward + Fire 2 + Slow or Duck, or Forward + Fire 2 while jumping
- Utilize fast circular swings by moving the mouse sharply left or right and pressing Fire 1
- Saber moves have higher priority, so don't worry about them messing up while jumping or using force anymore
- Choose from a ton of great Jedi skins from various eras of Star Wars history for all MotS personalities
- New lightsaber and character sound/voice effects
- Evade in eight directions - perform a forward jedi flip, back handspring, or roll to get yourself out of a bind
- Knock enemies away by performing powerful hook kicks regardless of what weapon you have in your hand
- Force Saber Throw is improved tenfold: faster, better-looking, appropriate sounds
- Lasers hurt Single Player enemies MUCH more - instead of it taking like 2-10 shots to kill, it's now 1-3
- All saber models feature a new, more-detailed saber handle
- New saber powerup model (exactly the same handle as the one you see in your hand)
- Laser and lightning models also feature Star Wars movie-like glowing effects
- Force Push now pushes everyone in sight - including droids
- Force Jump now serves several functions: press Force Jump while rising and perform a flip that gives you an extra boost of velocity, and press Force Jump while falling to slow down and prevent damage. Also, it no longer makes your right hand and weapon disappear, although there's no more sparkly thingies
- Targeting force powers are modified so that targeting itself isn't delayed. In other words, you can instantly pull guns from multiple enemies in rapid succession and instantly target someone to blind, grip, or fry with chain lightning
- Force Grip costs more mana, since it's so powerful even in its otherwise unmodified state
- Force Defense is now 25% damage protection per star set, and likelihood of defense against grip is 25% chance per star
- Dark Mara (outside the Sith Temple and in add-on levels) is no longer cheap with chain lightning
- Textures in levels don't blur until you're really far away
- IR Goggles turn off appropriately after falling down a pit with them on and respawning
- Force Destruction now displays an icon on the screen like the other force powers. Just a nice, small touch :>
- Look for the JK version of SBX soon

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