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<i><b>Changes in v3.0:</i></b><p>
<li>In-game message and player list font is clearer and easier to read.
<li>Sith lightsaber featuring new moves, sounds, color change, and light
motion trail capability is added to the Bowcaster weapon slot. Note that it
is slightly weaker than the lightsaber, but allows for the most finesse in
your attacks.
<li>Long lightsaber featuring color change and light motion trail capability
is added to the Concussion Rifle weapon slot. Since the energy is extended
twice as long as a normal lightsaber, damage is the least and attacks are
somewhat more limited in terms of finesse, but the incredible range more
than makes up for that.
<li>New and improved lightsaber blades and motion trails to more closely
reflect the style of the movie effects.
<li>Five lightsaber fighting stances for the single-bladed sabers and two
for the Sith saber can be toggled at will.
<li>Lightsaber damage of all sabers can be turned on or off for the purposes
of training.
<li>New lightsaber hilts per saber color for the single-bladed lightsabers.
<li>Four new single-bladed lightsaber moves and old double slash
<li>Force Saber Throw is now quasi-controllable and much more useful. All
lightsabers can be thrown and the path they travel in the air depends on
which direction you're moving (if at all). Since the lightsaber remains on
the entire time (unless you switch it off or switch weapons), the amount of
damage and range possible are more realistic. Consequently, thrown sabers
can also be blocked by other Jedi or Sith and can pass through people,
walls, and objects.
<li>I've added and replaced many skins and have fixed many errors. Also,
they all have their correct right hands now-finally, no more Kyle hands on
<li>Much more!
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