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Doron "Fardreamer" Assayas
Art of the Lightsaber is brought back to life (a little late) in this updated version that fiixes many of the old bugs and quirks that plagued the original. Art of the Lightsaber is a mod for Mysteries of the Sith that aims to immerse the player in Jedi lightsaber combat. It features an overhauled lightsaber system that includes various new moves and combos for practically
any key/movement combination; evasive moves such as rolls and flips; improved Force powers; and a collection of robed Jedi characters from the films and EU complete with their custom saber hilts.

<br /><br />Originally released in Febuary 2000 as a work by Sandcrawler Productions, an editing group I started in 1998. ScP was hosted by Outpost D-34 and was active till mid-late 2000. This update was mostly done in January 2002 but somehow I never found the time or motivation to finish it up. Till now.

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