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ID_Junkguy and RaDiCe_
Free Fallin' is a skydiving/parachuting mod. There are hotkeys that allow you to open your parachute, to change the flag on your parachute, to get new camera views, and to listen to Free Fallin' music. There are 20 different flags to choose from for your parachute, which includes country flags, original flags, and other flags that you might recognize. There are also four stunts that you can do while in the air or in the water.

- Weapon #3: Use this to stunts while falling. Press secondary fire to choose a stunt, hold shoot to do the stunt.
- Weapon #0: Metal baseball bat
- Use Force Jump to jump high. It does not need any force, and it works in no-force multiplayer games.
- Remember to set all of the hotkeys
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