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AT-RPG Staff
Interest decreased in this mod and it was over. But instead of nothing, here's something. This is an unfinished version of AT-RPG. It has 3 levels, 10 skins, 4 weapons, and some new features. Not all you expected but it's something... It's the closest to a finished TC you'll get.<br><br>
The Kingdom of Deriaugur has often found itself facing troubled times, but never has it seen such a terrible situation as this one. A lazy and incompetant King, King Zamiorzik, has ascended to the throne. Seeing an oppurtunity to destroy the kingdom, the thief Nox, who's grandfather was rejected as a candidate for the throne, creates a group of rebels called the Arrow Thieves. At first they are only a minor threat, but they are soon gathering support from many corners of the kingdom, and the King's incompetance allows them to take over a number of towns with no resistance except from small local militias. Prince Magroud, however, takes command of the Deriaugurian armies and leads them to battle against the Arrow Thieves. In the first major battle, most of the army is slain in a clever ambush. Undaunted, Maground rallies the rest of the army and prepares to continue the battle with the Arrow Thieves. Now, the fate of the kingdom rests in your hands...<br><br>
Make sure to have Force Jump for Arrow Keep! *very important to the gameplay*<br><br>
The levels are: Goblin Mines by Luftwaffe (huge), Mandria by Ztok32 (medium), Arrow Keep by Ztok32 (small).<br><br>
There is a new feature by Deathbane27 that allows you to manually block with your sword instead of secondary slash. It make the sword fights a lot more realistic. Please read the installation_instructions.txt file for installation instructions and more info on the mod.
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