JKBot v13.3.7 Man Docs
Man Docs for JKBot v13.3.7 located at irc.gamesurge.net
Logs are here and are updated monthly.

Use: Brings you here.
Syntax: .help
Example: .help
Output: Help: http://www.jkdf2.net/JKBot/JKBotHelp.txt

Use: Attempts to quickly find content inside of JKArchive
Syntax: .find $section $query
Example: .find jkmod sbxjkv3.1
OutPut: http://jkdf2.net/JKBot/JKArchive/JKDF2/JKDF2/Game Files/jkmod/sbxjkv31.zip - matched at 94.12%
More Info: Possible $section's: jksp, jkmod, jkmp, jkctf, motssp, motsmod, motsmp, motskfy

Use: Gets info from .update command
Syntax: .info $username
Example: .info AcidRain
OutPut: AcidRain(0) LastSeen: [10/31/1997 12:00:00] - is the greatest person ever.
More Info: (0) is the score from JKTrivia
LastSeen is obviously the last time the user spoke

Use: Adds a specified username to an archive where it is remembered.
Syntax: .update $username $info
Example: .update AcidRain is greatest person ever.

Use: If your ip address is listed in JKScanner v3, your game will show up here.
Syntax: .jkstatus
Example: .jkstatus
Output: Last Updated $date $time::: Map: $Map. IP: $IP, Host: $Host, Players: $Player_Count
Note: IPs are polled as fast as possible using multithreading. It will show up almost instantly

Use: Leaves a message for a specified user for the next join.
Syntax: .msg $username $msg
Example: .msg AcidRain sup dude, wanted to let you know i got the game working.
Output: Msg: AcidRain, your message was added. The user will get it next time he joins the channel.
Note: Only 1 message can be left for a specified user.

Use: Removes a message left for a certain user.
Syntax: .dmsg $username
Example: .dmsg AcidRain
Output: Msg: Message left for AcidRain was deleted.

Use: Displays stats from janurary-feburary of every year combined.
Syntax: .stats $username/$rank
Example: .stats AcidRain
Output: Stats on AcidRain. Rank: 1. Games: 1. Score: 10. Kills: 10. Deaths: 0. Self Kills: 0. Avg Kills: 10. K/D: 10.

Use: Displays Pro Tip
Syntax: .protip $optional_number
Example: .protip 1
Output: Pro Tip #1 by Beefy: The only other person to say gg after every comment was JohnChaser
Note: When $optional_number is not specified, pro tips are returned in order listed in db
Note: Pro Tip max length is 350 characters

Use: Adds a pro tip to the db
Syntax: .add_protip $protip
Example: .protip AcidRain is T4. You are T1.
Output: Pro Tip added

Use: Adds an emotional greeting type to the db
Syntax: .add_greeting $greeting_type $greeting
Example: .add_greeting angry FUCK OFF BITCH FAGGOT LICKER
Output: New Greeting Added
Note: $greeting_type can only be "angry", "sad", "happy" as of right now.
Note: Greetings are randomly pulled from the db based off settings.

Use: Shows the value of a specified setting for the bot.
Syntax: .setting $setting
Example: .setting FloodControl
Output: FloodControl = 5
Note: Settings are listed below.

FloodControl: (Integer) Time before bot will respond to your bullshit.
Greetings: (Boolean Integer) Does the bot greet people?
GreetingType: (String) Type of greeting the bot will greet with. "angry", "sad", "happy"
GreetNewNicksOnly: (Boolean Integer) Should bot greet only new users?
GreetInterval: (Integer) This is how often the bot should greet someone. If bot is set to only greet new users, GreetInterval should be 1
CurrentProTip: (Integer) This is the protip index the bot uses when the .protip command has no $optional_number
InsultJKLUsers: (Boolean Integer) Should jkl users be insulted when they join the channel?
HelpPage: (String) The Man Docs URL for JKBot

Use: Modifies the value of a setting
Syntax: set $setting = $value
Example: set GreetingType = sad
Output: GreetingType is now sad

Use: Deletes a protip by index
Syntax: dprotip $protip_index
Example: protip 1
Output: Pro Tip deleted

Use: Bans user from bot by hostname
Syntax: ban $username
Example: ban pie
Output: User Ban

Use: Unbans user from bot by username
Syntax: dban $username
Example: dban pie
Output: Obey teh CoC

Use: Adds an admin to the bot by username
Syntax: add_admin $username
Example: add_admin AcidRain
Output: AcidRain with hostname "AcidRain.gamesurge.net" is now an admin.

Use: Removes an admin to the bot by username
Syntax: delete_admin $username
Example: delete_admin AcidRain
Output: AcidRain is no longer an admin.
[Order of Operations]
Oder of operation is how JKBot operates.
Channel Joins
Insulting JKL Users
Users get messeges left behind by other users

Channel Spoken Msgs
Admin Commands
Ban Detection
Flood Control
Basic User Commands
Parse and Get URL Title

[A Little More Info]
JKBot works along side of JKTrivia.
JKBot will return the title of a URL when typed.
JKBot will notify the irc channel when new jkdf2.net content has been posted in any area.
JKBot infastructure consists of 4 (.net, vb6, php, perl) languages across 2 different platforms.
JKBot has been managing and helping the JK community since 2009