AcidRain on 09-09-2017 19:46:59
commenting to say im kinda slick mad that this is even being released as a project when the solution was given 8yrs ago. Why make things more complex for everyone? i hereby offer 2 solutions. 1) invented 25yrs ago for games and other applications alike is a patch that would allow u to enter a desired FOV angle. 2) the real non-antiJKers solution, use -z switch and replace a pointless cog that no one ever uses, like force_blinding or something. offer it for download. cause that type of haxt up advantage is the same thing as this release. this is a hack. it gives whoever plays with it an advantage over gameplay. either force everyone to use it, or no one.

DarthTrank on 09-11-2017 01:09:50
Cool comment brah