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Postby Slash_SyK » Wed Dec 13, 2006 5:54 am


So we started fucking around, making up random screennames, like Sk8erGirl and LittleGirlyGirl etc. and just fuck around. Now since I'm new to IRC, I figured it wouldn't hurt to join a different server, and look at the chatrooms. I joined this one, and wow, I feel so.... innocent LOL. Read this at you're own risk. Scary fucking world. i'm obviously LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013 -

<webMyles> hi little
<kn_jerrycline> hey lil
<webMyles> hi little
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> hi
<webMyles> how is little
<webMyles> little u whisper
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> good how is you
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ?
<webMyles> im ok u whisper little
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> whats whisper
<kn_jerrycline> new 2 chat little
<kn_jerrycline> lil young ain't u


<webMyles> like this lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i see
<webMyles> this s whisper
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> sry im new to irc
<webMyles> are u shy lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> no
<webMyles> its ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im new to irc
<webMyles> are u flirty lol
<webMyles> im not lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> o lol
<webMyles> are u shy
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you already asked me that
<webMyles> u didnt answer me
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yes i did i said no
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> how old are you
<webMyles> ok sorry
<webMyles> 33 male louisiana u
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol i'm 12!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> florida
<webMyles> u are
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yeah you need to find a wife
<webMyles> are u 12
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> i dont want 1
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> why
<webMyles> so we cant talk
<webMyles> they are a pain lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> o
<webMyles> can we talk or not
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> of course lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im just changing the background colors
<webMyles> u sure we can
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> this is cool
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> can you download music through this
<webMyles> ok
<webMyles> no im on my webtv 4 now
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> o
<webMyles> my computers picked up
<webMyles> dont hate me ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i dont hate you!
<webMyles> u hate me now
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i never said that!
<webMyles> u relly 12 lol
<webMyles> u really 12
<webMyles> its ok if u are
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yah
<webMyles> we can talk
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i turn 13 next month
<webMyles> u tall or short
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i dont know!
<webMyles> ok cool
<webMyles> how tall are u
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> around 4'6"
<webMyles> im short 2 im 5 ft 3 1/2
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i see :P
<webMyles> i shouyld have been tall i was a sick kid
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ?
<webMyles> it stunted my growth
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> oh
<webMyles> i was a sick kid
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> sorry :(
<webMyles> guess how tall i should have been
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> mmm
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> 6 ft!
<webMyles> dont be sorry
<webMyles> 6 ft 3
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> what sickness wuz it
<webMyles> u was close
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> hehe :P
<webMyles> i had excess spinal fluid in my brain
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> eww
<webMyles> i should have died
<webMyles> but bad grass dont die lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> :-(
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> bad grass?
<webMyles> im here
<webMyles> its a saying bad grass
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> oh
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> its like bad people dont die i guess lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you're not bad!
<webMyles> only the good die tyoung
<webMyles> not really
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> dont saye that!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> only the good die young
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> :-P
<webMyles> im nort easy 2 kill lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> are you strong?
<webMyles> im not easy 2 kill lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ^.^
<webMyles> kinda
<webMyles> ur sweet
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ^,^
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ur sweet!
<webMyles> im no herclus lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> what is herclus
<webMyles> im no goldberg lol
<webMyles> hercules
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ?
<webMyles> im strong but not huge
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> how strong
<webMyles> hercules the greek kinda god lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> never heard
<webMyles> u know what a leg prss is
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ?
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> no!!!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you have a wierd vocabulary
<webMyles> a leg press
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> idunno
<webMyles> u press the wieghts up with ur legs
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i c
<webMyles> like an an angel
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ^.^
<webMyles> i did 260 lbs 100 times non stop
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> thats alot!!!!
<webMyles> but i didnt think it was 260
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> do u play football
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> im not here 2 brag ok
<webMyles> not much
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> o
<webMyles> i got hurt playing football
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> :-(!!!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> where
<webMyles> this fat ass fell on me lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lolol
<webMyles> and dislocated my shoulder
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> :-(
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ewww
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok lets not talk about that
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i ahte violence
<webMyles> he was like 300 lbs at least
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lolz
<webMyles> it wasnt on purpose
<webMyles> u ever broke a bone
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok no more violence
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> no!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i used to play soccer
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> but i never got injured
<webMyles> i broke like 6
<webMyles> had stitsches 5 times
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ew
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok enuff
<webMyles> u mad at me im sorry
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yes
<webMyles> u never feel and scraped ur leg
<webMyles> dont be mad ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> im really sorry
<webMyles> i am
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> its ok!
<webMyles> ty
<webMyles> may i hold ur hand?
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol how!
<webMyles> yes or no
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> how can u hold my hand online lol
<webMyles> 4 pretend
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i guess so!
<webMyles> pretend
<webMyles> ty im holding my babies hand lol
<webMyles> may i ask a question
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<webMyles> may i ask
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yes you may
<webMyles> will u be honest
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yes!
<webMyles> i really want 2 know ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<webMyles> are u a virgin lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> uh ya
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im like 12 lol
<webMyles> i know a lil girl that lost hers at 11
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ah!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> well she must be a prowd mommy
<webMyles> maybe a slut but she did
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> well im no slut
<webMyles> shes no mom
<webMyles> no she is
<webMyles> shes a slut not u
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> haha i c
<webMyles> she lost it 2 her cousin go figure lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ewww!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> was this in lewisiana
<webMyles> amen lol
<webMyles> louisiana yes
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> well im glad im not from there!
<webMyles> may i kiss ur cheek lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> how its online!
<webMyles> i was 18
<webMyles> pretend
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i guess so
<webMyles> i was shy
<webMyles> kiss kiss lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> may i be honest
<webMyles> dont get mad ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<webMyles> if u was older or i was younger i would give u a gift
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> oh? what gift? :-P
<webMyles> guess what it would be
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ??
<webMyles> u wont laugh at me
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> no!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> as long as its not gross
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> like
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> breaking you're leg
<webMyles> my heart
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<webMyles> really
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> dont you think you're to old for me
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you're 33
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> and you live in another state
<webMyles> i saidif we was the same age
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> but you dont no me!
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you just met me lol
<webMyles> i want 2
<webMyles> i want 2 know u
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> haha ok
<webMyles> i really like u i may be crazy but i do i that ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> but you're 33
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im 12
<webMyles> u know what footsies are lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> no
<webMyles> dont urt me
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ?
<webMyles> dont hurt me
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok!
<webMyles> when u rub ur feet togeher lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> o
<webMyles> u ever did that lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ive rubbed my feet together
<webMyles> no with another peson
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> nop
<webMyles> ok
<webMyles> may i ask a serious question
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol ok
<webMyles> be honest ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<webMyles> i need 2 know
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok
<webMyles> ready
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ready
<webMyles> are u ready
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ready
<webMyles> may i ask
<webMyles> are u sexy lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol im 12
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i dont even wear makeup
<webMyles> soare u sexy lol
<webMyles> its ok
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i dont even have breasts lol
<webMyles> are u sexy lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i dont know
<webMyles> u ave an ass lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ok dude this is getting gross
<webMyles> u have an ass lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im just fuckin around with you
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> im actually a guy
<webMyles> a butt
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> and im like 21
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> ur fucking sick
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> good god
<webMyles> i figured
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> what is this world coming to
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> lol
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> you should be embarassed
<webMyles> i dont believe no 1 on here
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> well
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> jesus christ man
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> look at yourself
<webMyles> no
<webMyles> i farted
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> hold on im gonna copy and paste this
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> i have to show it to my friend
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> its so fucking ufnny
<webMyles> u do that i dont care
<LiTtLe_GuRliEGuRl2013> yeah man please stay away from little kids

the other dude from the beginning was whispering to me too, but i didn't even wanna reply to that champion.

yeah, IRC is a scary fucking place
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Postby thad » Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:23 am


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Postby NiKoN » Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:04 am

haha, he was prob stroking it while you were 'whispering'. Sick fucks.

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Postby EAH_XxHeReTiKxX » Wed Dec 13, 2006 10:58 pm

Read the whole thing. LOL
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Postby DSbr_Phelan » Thu Dec 14, 2006 6:43 pm

you stay off irc because i hurt your e feelings

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Postby eah_wacko » Thu Dec 14, 2006 9:24 pm

Wow lol slash you should keep doing this - its about the only damn thing worth reading thats actually entertaining on this forum! keep at it

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Postby GODOFNARNOMAD » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:12 am

the funny thing is, Phelan was actually WebMyles. :P

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Postby Deth » Tue Jan 09, 2007 8:28 am

u wherent kidding when u said people on IRC are SICK. thats just twisted in yet so funny too, honostly one of the best pranks ive ever read. i mean god damn u really take the cake for rippin' that guy Slash. Nice work.

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Postby Legacy_QuEsT » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:24 pm

which channel is IRC on?

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Postby NiKoN » Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:26 am #narshaddaa
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