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Why we have failed

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:33 am
by AcidRain
Trank> good jk shistpoing night
Trank> not bad
Trank> more fun than the game
AcidRain> lol
AcidRain> its a special kind of person that plays jk
Trank> they are special alright
AcidRain> a friend at work wanted to join discord. i was like no. u will not
Trank> oh no
Trank> not this one
Trank> JK is a danger zone
Trank> a war zone
AcidRain> lmao yea
Trank> thats the sad truth
AcidRain> def not for the weak hearted/minded
Trank> i feel weird like being in other star wars game discords
Trank> FAG
Trank> or osmething
Trank> lol
AcidRain> they are prolly so friendly. like: hey how are yu today sir?
Trank> LOL
AcidRain> o.m.g. i said yu. silly me
Trank> called it bro
AcidRain> here we be like. fucking dip shit dumb ass mother fuckin nigger lovin anti-nazi piece of cock shit. spelt you wrong dumb nigger. wow
Trank> LOL!
AcidRain> lmfao
Trank> man we are awful
AcidRain> then all of the active players be like: ye took the words right out my text. fucking faggot
Trank> LOL
Trank> and start ganging up
AcidRain> we are the lowest scum of the internet
AcidRain> its every man for himself
AcidRain> and if some higher power has blessed u that day, u wont be the one the rest of the channel chooses to fuck with lol
AcidRain> if they choose u, u might as well just go afk until the next day
Trank> its like rabid animals
Trank> LOL yeah
Trank> you will be lucky if the channel doesnt decide to gang up on you
AcidRain> u come back at 4am and there is still 2people talking shit about u
Trank> you have to not tpye anything too
AcidRain> at 5am its 1 perons talking to himself about how dumb u r
Trank> because if you dont sign on at least
Trank> you look like a major pussy
Trank> and it will only get worse
AcidRain> right lmfao
AcidRain> LOL
Trank> fuck man
Trank> LOL
AcidRain> lolololol
AcidRain> this is what jk has come to
AcidRain> we need psychiatric evaluations before we introduce new people to jk
Trank> yeah
Trank> we cant fix ourselves
Trank> no way we getting new nigs
AcidRain> if they are pussy/nice, they simply cannot play jk
Trank> im surpised that we even have this many people in right now
Trank> and they just dont levae
AcidRain> we have been going to places like fb, twitter, google. we been searching in the rich neighborhoods for scum
AcidRain> we need to hit the projects
Trank> LOL
Trank> LOL
Trank> LOL
AcidRain> LMAOOOO thats been our problem for 10yrs now
AcidRain> we hope too high
AcidRain> this needs to be logged wtf
Trank> LOL

Re: Why we have failed

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:04 am
by Spidey
fuckin butt buddies suckin each other off get a room you two queer gay bois LOL

Re: Why we have failed

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:14 pm
by Spidey
NF sabs is one, if not THE, reason the community failed. Those too newb to graduate from that setting held the community back thus forcing the more developed players (FF gunners followed by NF gunners) to leave and find other games (e.g. CS, Quake).

The community is still plagued by these low-IQ newbs who incessantly flame the shat logs with lame quickmemes.