Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Servers

Postby AcidRain » Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:13 am

Dedicated servers are back up. On the right panel here you will notice them. Alot seem to not realize this, Triscuit was kind enough to provide the original coding for "jkstatus", after i was done with it, it REQUIRES JKBot, the JKBot Poll Client, php, sql, perl, vb6 (lol). So you see how deep all of this really goes. All are dependent on one another. Without each other, the other will not work properly. This is the best way to: feed info to irc, display it on the website, determine if the host machine running jkbot poll client is actually active, and allow sFTP access and uploads. Please dont forget, even if you are on the go, there is an JKBot Poll Client for Android. You know... just incase you are out with some friends and they are starting to bore you, get on ya phone and see if there are any jk games going on. Oh shit, well im getting a little tired guys. Im gonna head out for tonight. *plays jk instead*
Special Thx to LSF_Nickz2000 for putting together the worlds largest jkdf2 archive, and making all of this possible.

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