And yet another, sad day

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And yet another, sad day

Postby AcidRain » Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:32 am

As you all know, had a fuckin hdd failure >_>
Here is what all was lost: screenshots, JKArchive, jksp/mp/ctf, motssp/mp/kyf, and... perhaps some very helpful stuff with JKBot. But fear not. Nickz is sending over the JKArchive at its most complete state with even more files added with it. We had once set out on a mission to quickly build a very large organized archive, and that mission was successful. Recreating the content of this site will be no issue. Just give it time.
Special Thx to LSF_Nickz2000 for putting together the worlds largest jkdf2 archive, and making all of this possible.

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