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What is the best sabers clan of ALL TIME? - Page 19 - jkdf2.net

What is the best sabers clan of ALL TIME?

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2

Best Saberist Clan of ALL TIME

Poll ended at Sun Feb 12, 2006 9:34 pm

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Re: What is the best sabers clan of ALL TIME?

Postby Prince_Yackerz » Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:48 am

Prince_Yackerz wrote:Its tough to compare VDS and Prince to the older clans. We didn't play each other much and the game was different on cable vs. dial-up definitely. :) Two different generations of the game. I guess you can say the old clans were better because there was more going on at the early stages of the game and Prince was still inviting newbies in from the trial version of the game in 1997-1998. Then started inviting newbies in from the full version in 1998-2000. It eventually turned into a better clan skill wise though but I guess the image was tarnished with the old timers at that point haha.

*shrugs* good old times.

For the record....I was a Prince member (hell, i even led the fucking clan for like 6 months in 02) and to say Prince was "elite" is ballocks.

Out of the list of "VDS/Prince members" I played about half of them. Neo i beat, Nova i tied (3 separate times, fucker warps like mad!) Sculpt i beat, Frozen i beat, and lost to Eng once. Axion was legit, but i wouldn't name him top 5 or 10. I thought Vanion was better than Axion or Oxy...actually, now that i think of it, Vanion was probably the BEST NF SABS of VDS period. Eng would probably vouch for that too.

Van, Eng, Zod, Axion, Oxy in that order i'd say.

So, Yack, stfu already, because you dont know shit. Idiot.

Very rude Nomad to your former clan leader. I recall you were the one that we wanted to kick out of Prince for being newbieish, and I don't recall you ever being leader. Maybe, you got good later in your JK career? I don't know, but you were never leader. I'm not sure if we did kick you out of Prince, and you refused to leave or what? Anyhow that was almost 10 years ago, so let's not bring up old wounds.

It's funny all the VDS you listed were once Prince members. (Maybe minus Frozen, I can't recall). Axion was OK, he was not very good 1 on 1. Him and I won a couple teams tournaments. Vanion was pretty good. I would say he was top 5 for his time. I would say Hexen was up there with him.

Comparing Vanion, England, Hexen, and me is kind of like comparing 4 great Presidents, it's hard to say who comes on top. In our typical duel, we would duel for a half an hour with really drawing a tie 0 to 0 most of the time. Then call it quits because of boredom. We were all great saberists.

It's hard to compare era to era. JCS was good when I started playing full version of JK in 1998, but went down hill later on. The other clans *shrugs*.

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Re: What is the best sabers clan of ALL TIME?

Postby Wodz » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:07 pm

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