Gunners vs. Saberists

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Postby SM Adjudicator » Tue Dec 06, 2005 3:28 am

I'm pretty good either way. My saber skills are a little rusty because I've only got JO besides JK to brush up on them, but I'm pretty good at guns... when they can deal a reasonable amount of damage.
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Postby DSbr_Phelan » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:32 am

regular jk my friend... well if you all play ff sabers then get on irc some time and host a game so a bunch of us can play a bgj ff FFA

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Postby Shinji » Fri Mar 31, 2006 8:31 am

i'll take all the nf players out as long as i have mines fire 1. **edit** In fact give me lighty powers and I'd beat them with bowcaster fire 2 only.

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Postby KurganJKnet » Wed Jul 05, 2006 11:09 pm

Honestly, if you throw force back into the equation, the question of guns vs. saberist is rather moot.

The way JK was originally designed, whether you did guns or sabers was determined by the map. A dueling level was really only suited to saber fighting (Or running around trying to get kills with your bryar I suppose, but how many chose that, except out of boredom?).

Unlike Jedi Outcast and Academy, I could count the players who ran around only with their lightsaber on Canyon Oasis on one hand, and none of them were that good (never won).

The lightsaber was powerful enough in a FF game that you could use it like any other weapon for a quick kill or when you were out of ammo.

However it wasn't as useful as it would become in later games, hence why guns were primo on so many maps. But that's not a weakness of the game, it's a strength. Saber dueling maps were for saber fighting, gun maps were for guns and you could also use sabers there as another weapon.

The dichotomy between people who wish to play BGJ all day and people who wish to play CO all day may be a valid one. I sugggest instead that we just rotate our maps so that everyone has a chance.

Maybe you never ever touched any other map in your entire run of the game, but would it hurt to learn something new? Get a taste and rediscover this game, I say!

Might as well not bore yourself with the same mode of play every time...

Try something new. Remember Mysteries of the Sith? Now THAT game had variety, and THAT game deserves a dedicated server. Would people run a server of that and ONLY run Personalities on Spaceport? I hope not. But the thing is, with a game with so much potential, it seems silly to limit it.

I'm shocked to find there are long time JK players who STILL haven't played MotS online yet! You are really missing out...

If we just want to saber duel all day long, we can do that already (and much better) in Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast.

What really makes this game fun and unique, IMHO, is the combination of guns, sabers and force... the speed, the 3-d movement around the map, etc. is virtually unmatched.

For me it was never "sabers vs. guns" it was simply "Sabers And Guns, as the map provides." Which I think was what the JK team (bless them) intended...

Again my 2 cents (steps off soap-box)

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