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Manowar 2
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Manowar 2

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Manowar2 supplies an awesome array of battle equipment that gives you the power to crush Jedi Knights like insects!
You are a Mandalorian - the Super Commando of the Star Wars Universe!

BlasTech EE-3 Blaster: This is the same as Boba Fett's gun. The Mandalorians use a cut-down version without the shoulder stock. It is a highly accurate, quick-firing weapon with a lot of punch.
~ Replaces the Bryar pistol ~

Wrist-Rocket Launcher: Now you'll never be without heavy stopping-power, unless you run out of ammo. No one can Force Pull the wrist-rocket launcher away from you. A destructive mid-range surprise. Shares ammo with the Sniper Assault Cannon.
~ Replaces Force Blinding for Light Side Jedi, and Force Lightning for Dark Siders, so stars must be assigned to these powers for rocket darts to work ~

Sniper Assault Cannon: The dreaded Big Gun.
This puppy has to be the most powerful weapon mod for JK yet made. It fires concussion blasts, but without recoil and much faster. If you can catch an opponent out in the open with this, you can literally devastate them. Shares ammo with the wrist-rocket launcher.
~ Replaces the Rail Gun ~

Improved Armour: The Mandalorian Armour is incredibly tough - it has to be to stand up to repeated blasts from the Big Gun! The Mandalorians are battle hardened - they have greater endurance. Shields and health will last much longer.

Jet Pack: This is one of the best mods for JK yet created. Great for swooping attacks on enemies you have identified in the distance with the Target Scanner. Avoid being hit whilst in flight - the jet pack will sound a warning alarm and begin to lose fuel. You will have to land quickly before it cuts out! Once landed, it will begin to replenish and an alarm will signal a safe fuel level.
~ Controls must be assigned ~

Grappling Hook: This enables stealthy traversing of distances and heights beyond normal reach. The grapple can also be fastened on enemies for a lightning-fast attack, or to a flying target for pursuit. A highly popular mod, and great fun to use!
~ Replaces fieldlight ~

Infra-Red Scanner: A permanent, self-charging version of the I.R. goggles from normal JK play. The I.R. Scanner also has targetting capabilities, but of limited range. The visor of the Mandalorian helmet has extensive visual enhancement sensors built into it.
~ Control key - F3 ~

Target Scanner: The Target Scanner highlights your quarry with a green reticle on the screen - even from right across the map. Even Jedi who use Force Persuasion will be unable to hide from this sensor!
~ the Target Scanner replaces Force Seeing, so you must assign stars to Force Seeing to use it ~

M5B Breathing Unit: Otherwise known as the aqua-breather, this device allows you to breathe underwater and in hostile environments indefinitely. Has a cool and instantly recogniseable sound-effect! Can be left on all the time - or used to intimidate enemies nearby.
~ Control key must be assigned ~

In addition, your backpack comes ready-stocked with enough bacta to restore health to 100%, even when down to 1%! Use it wisely.

You enter DM and CTF levels with most of your ammo already supplied - this should help against campers!

Manowar2 is designed to be played at Full Force level, because some of the features replace Force powers only available at the highest game levels. And against these weapons, you will need all the help you can get!

~ Enjoy! ~

For technical questions or comments about this mod, email AZLON

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